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There are cities around the world that it´s impossible not visiting, and although for many travelers it could be boring to go from one Palace (that looks exactly like the other,) another museum to the main square, the truth is that today the traveler looks for a more authentic immersion in the subcultures a big city always hide.

To become a local for a few days is one of the biggest trends while visiting a city where travelers visit the markets where the city dwellers buy their own food, engage in traditional food tastings, visit the artisan beer distilleries, ride bikes or motorcycles around the busy streets, meet with local artisans and artists, organize urban walking tours through the most iconic neighborhoods, visit the cities on specific dates to be part of traditional festivities, and rather rent houses or apartments and move around in Uber owning the city for a few days. Traveling in the cities has become a kaleidoscope of experiences incredible rich for the visitor.

  • Balcanes
  • Brasil
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador y Galápagos
  • Egipto
  • India
  • Jordania
  • Marruecos
  • Peru
  • Portugal y las Azores
  • Turquía


  • Baja Sur
  • Yucatán
  • Oaxaca
  • Chiapas
  • Ciudad de México
  • Puebla
  • México Central

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