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Expedition into the Inca Empire

A soft adventure for all the Family

Better known as the land of the Incas, a civilization that only lasted 100 years before the Spanish empire arrived, but which, without a doubt, left a profound mark in what Peru is today, was itself heiress to milenary cultures which presence is still tangible throughout the Peruvian territory.  This land where the Incas settled and shaped to their needs, is a wonderful kaleidoscope of natural contrasts perfect to live unique and thrilling experiences. Its beautiful deserts still with secrets to uncover, its endless beaches ideal for sandboarding and surfing; its fertile valleys divided by sacred valleys and surrounded by the magnificent Andes mountain range is a true paradise not only for climbers, but to hikers who want to walk all over the incredible trail network built by the Incas all throughout their territory and beyond.  No matter where you are in Peru, north or south, if you look closely, you will spot ,up in the mountains, traces of this fantastic engineer road system. And yes, hiking the inca trails is, most definitely, one of the most emblematic adventure activities Peru offers, and to walk into Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate just like its ancient inhabitants did is, without a doubt, one of the most thrilling experiences any traveler can have.

Peru is also the cradle of the Amazon river which main tributary rivers are born in the Andes and flow down eastward crossing and nurturing vast extensions of land and rainforests which today are natural reserves and a paradise for all travelers who want to have a close and deep interaction with nature.  Sailing in comfortable and luxurious river cruises along the Amazon river, or in narrow motor boats in the Tambopata river allow travelers to go inside incredibly beautiful places and to know Peru’s green heart.

The Peruvian people and their profound respect for Pachamama (mother earth) and the natural elements is present in their everyday life through colorful festivities, millenary rituals and in their delicious gastronomy which incorporates ancient and modern ingredients and dishes.