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The Essence of China

Yesterday & Today

China is an immense country which would take months to visit it all, therefore this trip is ideal for a first immersion into this millinery land with an impressive geography, an incredibly rich history and culture…traditions that have defined whole eras, traditions that have taken a long time to change or transform. A journey through land and time to learn more about the Chinese people; their past and especially their present marked by an aggressive desire to become modern and mainly an economic power.  This trip will allow our travelers to have a clear idea of this nation ́s contrasts by visiting the most emblematic cities and regions that best represent China’s past and present.

What you should know

Central and East China
12 days
Easy to Moderate
Available Dates
All year round
Price per Person
Starting at $5750 US Dollars (airfare is not included)
4* and 5* Hotels
Cultural journeys, cycling, hiking, river cruising

Unique Experiences

  •     Witness they majesty of China’s history and the power its emperors displayed through still standing palaces, tombs and walls.
  •       Look the terracotta warriors in the eye.  Warriors who would fight side by side the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huan in the afterlife.
  •       Walk between the green rice terraces accompanying the Yao people, an ethnic minority who have been planting and harvesting rice for hundreds of years.
  •       Cruise the winding Li river and feel part of a typical Chinese painting with its pointy hills half covered by the clouds, rice fields and rustic riverboats.

·       Vibe Shanghai