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Central Mexico

México Central

Monarchs, Monks and Mountains

Explore the mountains of Central Mexico while you hike or horseback ride through deep-rooted oak and pine forests that surround a picturesque lake and the quaint “magical village” of Valle de Bravo. Witness how millions of Monarch Butterflies travel thousands of miles to winter here each year, brightening the landscape with black and orange. We will also visit Michoacán, where in the 1530´s Vasco de Quiroga, a Spanish Friar, left a legacy of service and development for the Purépecha indigenous communities, which still thrives today. We´ll embark on a steamy trek up the Paricutin, the youngest volcano in the world, and then visit the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro, which was engulfed by lava in 1943. Walk around the magnificent colonial towns of Pátzcuaro and Morelia; we will witness the elaborate work of artisans who with their hands create beautiful handicrafts made of copper, wood, clay, wool and other materials. Seduce your palate with this region´s unique gastronomy and dance away to the Pirekua tune. This trip is a feast of colors, culture and adventure.