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A Gift to your Senses and Imagination

Every traveler interested in having a cultural immersion in a Muslim country should visit Morocco.  With a Berber soul, Morocco has a rich history made of multicolored traditions shaped throughout the centuries by a diverse geography and the influence of civilizations that came to stay or left leaving deep footprints.   The citadels or kasbahs made of clay built by oasis on the edge of the desert and which some are still inhabited; the ruins of what once were Roman commercial villages, the fortresses and towns built by the Portuguese soldiers; the magnificent tombs and palaces dedicated to kings and sultans, or that breathtaking mosque by the sea with its towering minarets …all this makes Morocco a truly exquisite place that should be on your “where should I travel next” list.

Getting inside the medina of Marrakesh and Fes is like actually feeling the time come to a stop and watching people going about their everyday life how their ancestors have done it for centuries.  The narrow streets that cut across all over the medina form a labyrinth with surprises waiting at every corner. Quaint little squares hidden by the tall buildings, fountains beautifully adorned by colorful mosaics, wooden doors that when opened give way to charming interior gardens.  Carts pulled by donkeys take merchandise from one place to another, while daring motorcyclists speed along sorting all kinds of obstacles. Kids run to their schools and worshipers take off their shoes hurrying inside the mosque before the third prayer of the day begins. All activity seems to come to a stop each time the muezzin calls to pray.

Morocco offers travelers the entry to the Sahara desert, magical and dangerous place, hero and villain of many legends and anecdotes.  The men of the desert, proud and strong, who call this land their home, welcome visitors with open arms. Spending a night under the stars, in an amazing camp set between sand dunes that go on forever and listening to a deep and millenary silence is probably one of the most exciting experiences anyone can have.