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Terms and Conditions


The reservation of any of the trips included in this website/catalog, or tailor-made services designed for a particular client, implies full acceptance of these General Terms, which are considered automatically incorporated into the contrac without the need for a written transcription. In this Web/catalog and/or in the proposals or invoices sent by email the following details are indicated: The duration, itinerary, prices and supplements, minimum group and services included.

Due to the timing of the propolsas or the publication of the trips, additional information and possible modifications will be communicated to clients within the written itinerary or invoice, and which, together with the General Conditions, act as a definitive contract. For the interpretation, application or claim of the same, both the client and the company expressly submit to the courts of Mexico City, waiving any other means of dispute.


Dopamina.Travel® is not responsible for the cancellation or breach of contracted services due to fortuitous events such as natural disasters, conflicts, illnesses, and others.

In case of cancellations due to imprevisible events, the paid amount will be considered as a credit for another service at a different the date of the original proposal (with a new quote, paying the difference, if applicable) as long as it is made more than 30 days in advance. to the original start date.

In case of cancellation by Dopamina.Travel® for reasons other than force majeure, the applicant will be offered a change of date, similar program or full or partial refund of payment.

In the event that the client decides not to attend the trip once the agreement has been formalized by means of an advance deposit and/or subsequent payment of the full payment, the client must indemnify the company Dopamina.Travel®, as well as the suppliers of this for the service in question for expenses incurred and for the blocking of the places reserved for the client. The penalty is determined as a percentage of the total cost of the agreed service and varies according to the cancellation time prior to the date of the trip:

From the time of booking up to 60 days before the departure date of the trip: Full refund of the amount deposited minus management fees for 10% of the cost of the trip.

From 60 to 30 days before the departure date of the trip: 20% Penalty on the cost.

From 30 to 15 days before the departure date of the trip: 50% Penalty on the cost.

15 or less before the departure date of the trip: 100% Penalty on the cost.

Refunds and payments will be made at the currency exchange rate on the day the transaction is made, if the deposit was made in a currency other than Mexican pesos. Therefore, the amounts could change according to changes in the exchange rate over time. The amount received by Dopamina.Travel® in pesos upon receipt of payment will be taken as the basis and that will be the amount to be reimbursed with the respective equivalence in the currency to be paid at the exchange rate of that day. The costs generated by transfers, banks or plattform commissions for each operation will be deducted from the reimbursement amount, which the client must also cover.

It is possible to avoid cancellation penalties if the client gives up his place to another person to attend to the trip. The client must cover the missing costs of payment as well as the costs required to make changes in the services and reservations for the new attendees. The agency must be consulted in advance for approval of this process with enough time in order to validate that the new person traveling is suitable for the trip in question. The new traveler will be subject to the terms, conditions, prices, payment schedule and travel arrangement (accommodation and activities) previously agreed by the original traveler. This will only be allowed at least 8 days before the travel date.


In the event of an unexpected change made by the client regarding the date or time of arrival at the trip or during the activities in the itinerary, Dopamina.Travel® has the right to cancel the ground transportation services corresponding to the program. The client may be responsible for arriving at their own expense to the market locations where the program takes place.

Other services quoted by Dopamina.Travel® that are not specified in the travel program will be subject to their own terms and conditions as well as the services provided by other companies or providers.

Enrollment in any of the programs described in our brochures, website, social networks and/or tailor-made service proposals implies the applicant’s full compliance with each and every one of the conditions mentioned.
If the client requires an invoice, please request it with the corresponding advisor via email. Once the invoice has been issued to the name indicated by the applicant, no changes can be made.

Invoices may only be requested after the full payment of the program and during the same month as the payment is made, In case of requesting an invoice for a program outside of Mexico, 12% will be added to the final price.

The list of activities described in the program and/or itinerary of the program may change without prior notice depending on the seasonal needs or imprevisible (lack of staff, vacations or holidays, etc).

The sighting of some species of flora and fauna does not depend on the company or the guides and cannot be guaranteed. Like any natural event, sightings and possible interactions depend entirely on situations beyond the reach of people, so the lack of them does not incur a breach by the company and there will be no reimbursements for the quality or quantity of sightings. and interactions of this type.

In some cases, the conditions of the accommodation in which the client will stay, could be located in areas in which the standards of quality of accommodation, transportation, safety, hygiene, telecommunications facilities and level of infrastructure are not the same as those of the client can expect at home or on a traditional trip. Dopamina.Travel® cannot assume any responsibility for accidents, loss of personal belongings, injuries or death, so the client fully assumes any of these situations. The client is aware that he may be traveling to destinations that may have political instability, distant medical service or natural disasters.

The client acknowledges that Dopamina.Travel® subcontracts services from business partners, local associations, non-governmental organizations, foundations, individuals or others in different countries or states of the Mexican Republic to receive the client in the program, and execute the itinerary.

Dopamina.Travel®, as well as the organizers and/or their affiliates, explicitly declare that they act only as intermediaries between the clients and the persons or entities called to provide the services mentioned in our program, therefore to request the specified services according to the provisions of the same contacts, at the user’s expense.

The organizers and/or their affiliates are responsible for the fulfillment of the services mentioned in this program, but decline all responsibility for loss of luggage, theft, illness or accidents and other causes that may occur to travelers and their belongings when they are caused by third parties and outside the control of the organizers and/or their affiliates.

Dopamina.Travel® is free of all responsibility for loss of luggage, theft, illness, accident or death that may occur to travelers. Travelers agree to have both medical and travel insurance that protect their personal integrity and health, as well as personal belongings. By accepting these terms and conditions, customers waive the possible claim or requirement to Dopamina.Travel® for any damage or harm to their person, property and assets.

Dopamina.Travel® declares that the personal information that it collects is for the purpose of providing the services or products that it markets. Inform you about changes of the offered programs and for identification purposes, respecting the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals in México.

Notice of Privacy

This Privacy Notice is made available to individuals (called “USER” in the following document) who, for any reason and/or means, provide Dopamina.Travel® (Experiencias Genuinas, SA de CV, SOFOM, ENR) (called “Dopamina.Travel®” in the following document), personal information, the foregoing in compliance with the Ley de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties), its regulations and other applicable provisions (cited as “LAW” in the following text), which describes the way in which Dopamina.Travel® will use the personal information and the rights that the USER will have regarding to this issue.

Identity and Address of who collects the information

Genuine Experiences S.A. de C.V., a civil society that has the commercial name of Dopamina.Travel®, with address at Arteaga y Salazar 229, Casa 14, Col. Contadero, Cuajimalpa City Hall, C.P. 05500, Mexico City, Mexico.

Personal data subject to treatment by Dopamina.Travel®.

To carry out the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, Dopamina.Travel® may request personal data and sensitive personal data of the USER, which will be subject to the corresponding treatment.

The express consent of the USER for the processing of Personal Data will be obtained through our website, or by any other electronic, telephone, video, or other technology (the “Electronic Means”) and in its case, through agents, promoters, commission agents, suppliers or business partners; the foregoing to be able to provide you with the services and/or products offered by Dopamina.Travel® and to fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice.

Dopamina.Travel® will catalog all the information provided by the USER as strictly confidential, keeping it and committing, as far as possible, to adopt all the control and security measures required to avoid any alteration, use and improper treatment. , loss and/or to provide access to unauthorized third parties.

The USER declares that all the information provided to Dopamina.Travel® is legitimate, true and free of bad faith or vices, expressly releasing Dopamina.Travel® by this act from any responsibility in relation to the veracity of the information provided by the USER.

Purpose of data processing.

Dopamina.Travel® requests personal data from the USER for two types of purposes:

i) the Primary Purposes, corresponds to the origin of the contractual relationship between the USER and Dopamina.Travel®, being those that are necessary to carry out and maintain the relationship that will be held with the USER, while
ii) the Complementary Purposes, are all those that do not meet the primary condition, but allow better services and attention to users.

Primary Purposes:

  • To include the information to our database, integrate files, directly or through a third party.
  • Send payment requirements and/or fulfillment of USERS obligations.
  • Process the requests USERS make through our Electronic Means.
  • Management of the contractual relationship with the USER
  • Receive and answer the questions that our Clients and USERS ask about the Services.
  • Monitoring and improvement of the quality of our Services.

Complementary Purposes:

Monitoring and improvement of the quality of our Services.

Dopamina.Travel® grants through this Privacy Notice the right to the USER to express their refusal regarding the use and treatment of their Personal Data, when they consider that the information provided does not meet any of the purposes established above, or that it is not necessary for the establishment of the contractual relationship.

The USER must inform via email to Dopamina.Travel® in case of requesting any limitation related to the use of their Personal Data at the time this Privacy Notice is provided; in the understanding that the acceptance of this Privacy Notice or any management to obtain the Services of Dopamina.Travel® is understood as full acceptance of the use of their Personal Data by the USER. The foregoing, without prejudice to the application of the Right to Revocation of Consent previously granted by the USER or to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the use of their Data in terms of the LAW, rights that in any case will be guaranteed by Dopamina.Travel®.

Revocation of consent.

The USER may at any time inform Dopamina.Travel® of their determination to revoke the consent previously granted for the processing of personal data in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Notice. The foregoing, with the purpose that Dopamina.Travel® interrupts the treatment of the same and as long as the consent that is intended to be revoked is not linked to a contractual legal relationship or operation of any kind with Dopamina.Travel®, in terms of the LAW or express agreement between Dopamina.Travel® and the USER.

The revocation of consent will not have retroactive effects at any time. The revocation of consent will be effective through the means and in accordance with the procedure described in this Privacy Notice.

Procedure and means of notification of changes in the Privacy Notice.

Any changes and/or modifications, either totally or partially, to this Privacy Notice that are necessary to comply with applicable legal provisions, our privacy practices, or for other reasons will be made known to the USER. by any of the following means:

i) A written communication sent to your address or posted within the Dopamina.Travel® facilities.
ii) A message sent to your email address.
iii) A message made known through any electronic means that he uses to carry out operations with Dopamina.Travel®.
iv) Through the Dopamina.Travel® website.

It will be understood that by using the Electronic Means and/or contracting the Services offered by Dopamina.Travel® for the purposes cited previously, you expressly acknowledge and accept this Privacy Notice and Terms of Service, for which said consent grants Dopamina.Travel® the power to proceed to the treatment of the same in the manner in which it is indicated. If you have any questions about our.

Last update: February 10, 2022