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Baja California Sur

Magical Land of hypnotizing Natural contrasts

The Other Baja

Embark on the adventure

Beyond Los Cabos lies a magical land full with contrasts and hypnotizing.  Sierras with ancient cave paintings, oasis and palm forests surrounding water ponds with pristine water, a bay more beautiful than the other, scenic routes perfect for slow adventure travelers looking for freedom; islands that protect the blue whale, geological paradises, catholic missions lost in the middle of nowhere, volcanos that suddenly shut up, biosphere reserves that go for miles and miles, this is the Other Baja.  The adventures and experiences are endless: Embark on a multiday expedition and travel to scenic Magdalena Bay on the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula. Take part in a sea turtle conservation project recognized around the world as a model for community based conservation. From the secluded base camp on a remote beach by Magdalena Bay learn about the importance of the green sea turtle’s survival and the role local fishermen play in the species’ recovery, before heading out on board “pangas” and kayaks to capture and release turtles after recording vital data. To make this experience even more memorable, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the grey whales that during winter make Magdalena Bay their breeding haven. This trip is ideal for travelers with an interest in nature, conservation and cultural interaction.  Or why don´t you sign up for a surf camp in Todos Santos, or learn artisanal fishing with the local fishermen. You can also paddle your kayak around the islands of the Marine National Park of Loreto or go glamping in the beautiful Espiritu Santo island. You can take your motorcycle or car and ride the Ruta 1 feeling totally free between the desert and the Sea of Cortes.

Trip Highlights

  •       Be part of the most successful sea turtle conservation projects in the world…help the experts record vital data about this magnificent animal.
  •       Camp in a breathtaking tiny shell-covered island and watch the whales swim by while you taste exquisite seafood, caught that day.
  •       Explore Magdalena Bay in search of grey whales or Loreto Marine National park looking for the Blue Whale
  •       Paddle through the mangroves and feel free while rolling down a sand dune.
  •      Go deep into the Sierra looking for ancient cave paintings
  •      Climb the Tres Virgenes Volcano and admire from the top the Vizcaino