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Endearing India

Majestic Tigers and Palaces

India, a land that triggers the imagination and curiosity.  A canvas full of color, patterns and mysticism. An ancient land, rich in history and traditions, ethnic groups and cultures whose legacy today are evident and immensely powerful. Possibilities in India are endless and each experience diametrically different.  Traveling in India, more than in any place in the world, means opening your mind to the maximum to be able to understand and value, without speaking Hindi or practicing the Hindu religion, the richness and beauty of its culture. Be part of India ́s sacred festivals, visit its ancient cities and shrines, go deep into its complex religion, look at its past and present, bask on its art and explore its jungles in quest of the majestic Indian tiger.

What you should know

Mexican travelers do require a visa . To review all information needed to apply go here
Duration of the Trip
Depending on the trip: Everest Basecamp 12 Days/ 11 nights; In Quest of the Snow Leopard 11 days/10 nights. For any other trip in India get in touch with us.
All Year Round
Price Per Person
Between $4100 USD and $5640 USD per person
Minimum 2 people

Unique Experiences

Everest: Base Camp

The challenge, make it to Everest base camp.  And while you engage in this thrilling adventure you will be able to experience first hand Nepal´s diverse and capricious geography, from its green valleys and murky rivers, it ́s impressive mountains, eight of which are amongst the highest in the world including our famous friend mount Everest.  Nepal will also surprise you for its cultural wealth manifested through the syncretism of its people and their main religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. This journey isn’t possible without having a deep immersion into Nepal ́s essence… home of Sidarta Gautama “Buda,” cradle of Buddhism and gateway to the Himalayas.


  •   Enjoy a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla
  •   Visit quaint small villages nestled on the Himalayas hillside
  •   Hike, climb and get acclimatized as the days go by
  •   Spot mount Everest and Hilary Bridge for the first time as you get closer
  •   Enjoy the spectacular views of the Nupche, Lhotse and Amadablam mountains
  •   Visit different monasteries along the way and spend some time with the monks
  •   Walk by Mani Stones carved by Tibetan Buddhist monks
  • Make it all the way to Everest base camp!

In Quest of the Snow Leopard


A challenge not fit for everyone


This quest will take you deep into the Hemis National Park, in Kadakh at the feet of the Indian Himalayas to look for the elusive snow leopard. You will follow a wonderful route which boasts with ancestral wisdom, spendor and natural beauty allowing all travelers to have a deep and unique immersion into this land.  Our expert guides will bring us close to the snow leopard and share with us important information about this beautiful creature and its habitat. Your camera won’t stop clicking!


Unique Experiences:

  •       Track the elusive snow leopard
  •       Immerse yourself into ancestral Indian and Tibetan cultures
  •       Stand facing two of the most massive mountain ranges in the world: the Karakoram and the Himalayas
  •       Visit the Sankar Gompa y Leh palaces and Shanti ́ stupa
  •       Visit the famous Likir monasteryVisita
  •       Walk along trails following the winding Indo river
  •       Keep an eye on the steep cliffs where alpine Ibex, wolves, red foxes, urials, golden eagles and bearded vultures of the Himalayas dwell.
  •       Stay at the Snow Leopard Lodge, a simple but comfortable and quaint refuge with unbeatable views
  •       Learn all you can from your guide, a naturalist expert who will not only make this an unforgettable experience, but a true botanic, geology and biology course.
  •       Be part of a Snow Leopard conservation and protection program