Rebeca Yañez

Directora Fundadora


Traveling has been an integral element in Rebeca´s life since she was a little girl.  These experiences marked and inspired her to dedicate her professional life to not only travel around Mexico and the world, but to share her passion with the people around her.

In adventure travel Rebeca found the perfect combination of nature, physical activity and cultural immersion which gave her a broader perspective while she traveled, allowing her to know the places and their people in a more intimate, genuine, and endearing way. It was not a surprise, that years later, along with her husband, who was also an adventure traveler and mountain biker, Rebeca founded her first adventure travel company, The Muddy Boot which catered mainly to international travelers showing to them the natural and cultural beauties Mexico has. As time went by, Rebeca founded, an outbound tour operator and travel agency specialized in adventure travel around the world.  At the same time Rebeca represented the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) for Latin America and her main role was  to strengthen, professionalize and grow the adventure travel industry in this region of the world by organizing training programs, specialized events, road-shows, consulting projects and designing strategic benefits which allowed the association´s members to have access to the most important markets in the world.  Also, while working with the ATTA, Rebeca lead efforts to postion Mexico as a leading adventure travel destination through events such like the Adventure Travel World Summit, the Adventure Travel Mexico, 

After 7 years in the ATTA, Rebeca is now 100% focused in leading her business, which today consolidates a robust offering of adventure programs in Mexico and around the world.