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Rwanda & Uganda

Rwanda & Uganda

Expedition to the Gorilla ́s Misty Forests

Who did not bear witness of Dian Fossey ́s (interpreted by Sigourney Weaver) wonderful effort and tireless fight to protect the gorillas in the misty forests of Rwanda?  We all fell in love, as she did, with Digit, the beautiful and arrogant silverback. Who did not cringe the cruelty the gorillas suffered by the poachers, who butchered them to have their hands used as ashtrays? We all wanted to be there…and now we can!  Considered for hundreds of travelers as one of the most endearing and wonderful experiences one can live, you will have the opportunity to hike into the heart of the forest looking for and most probably encountering the mighty, wonderful and playful gorillas of the forest, a species that is at high risk of extinction (they don’t survive captivity and there are only 700 gorillas in the wild) whose survival depends completely on the protection of the rangers and local community and support from travelers like you.

This trip, which in essence is a journey through the tropical forests of Rwanda and Uganda, home of the biggest and most diverse population of gorillas and chimpanzees in Africa, means also the opportunity to experience the “typical” safari: a ride on your 4×4 Land Rovers through the sabana, forests and wetlands home of leopards, elephants, a huge number of hippopotamus, and lions that, different from any others in Africa, like to climb trees.

What you should know

Rwanda and Uganda
To entry Rwanda, Mexican citizens can apply for a tourist visa online (please read the instructions carefully.)
Kinaruanda,French, English, Suajili
All travelers entering Uganda need to show a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. For more information go
Rwandan Franc, Ugandan Shilling
Trip Duration
7 days/6 nights
Every month in the year except March and April (heavy rain.)
Price per person
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Unique Experiences

-Track the magnificent gorilla through the misty forests of Uganda and Rwanda

-Track chimps in the Kyambura gorge

-Watch the peculiar “tree climber” lions at Ishasha

-Enjoy a safari looking for elephants, leopards, giraffes at Queen Elizabeth National park

– Cruise the Kzinga canal

-Be part of interpretative bird-watching hikes looking for endemic eastern African species