Namibia and Botswana

Namibia & Botswana

Namibia & Botswana

The Less known Africa

Namibia, a vast country even for African standards, has endless horizons but a small population of only 2 million people.   An ancient land, the home of the human race, witness of time and the perfect playground for unforgettable adventures. Its endless spaces fill every traveller with the sensation of being in a wise place, away from everything and so close to the wild. The sense of responsibility to protect their environment, wildlife and native cultures has resulted in a successful conservancy program where tourism plays a centre role in harmonizing the business relationship between landowners, the local communities, camps and lodge managers and the wildlife that roams free.  This collaborative effort has bring the lion, elephant and rhino populations up to unexpected levels, and thus securing a thriving tourism for the coming years. Enrich your visit to Namibia with an expedition to the lush delta of the Okavango River in Botswana, where you will witness the end of a long journey where wild animals have walked for days to finally find the fresh waters that flood the Kalahari desert in northern Botswana. Cruise through the shallow channels hippos build through the wetlands on board of a mokoro (typical canoe;) spend entire mornings tracking leopards and enjoy a sundowner while watching elephants go into the lagoons to bathe and cool off.

What you should know

Country Namibia and Botswana
It is required and one must apply for it through the Namibian Embassy in the United States
Afrikaans, German
Namibian Dollar
Trip Duration
12 days/11 nights
All year round
Price Per Person
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Unique Experiences

  •       Visit several of the natural reserves in southern Africa and enjoy a desert safari
  •       Get hypnotized by the giant red sand dunes and reach the summit to enjoy an “out of this world” landscape
  •       Fly over Skeleton Coast, famous for the shipwrecks now covered by sand dunes and not water
  •       Track black rhinos (in danger of extinction) and desert elephants in the most ancient place on earth
  •       Visit a hidden Himba village
  •       Walk amongst huge blocks of stone, which served as canvases for the ancient inhabitants of these lands and bask on the beautiful cave paintings at Twyfelfontein.
  •       Explore the Okavango river delta and enjoy on a 4×4 what an African safari should be tracking elephants, jaguars, buffalos, lions and much more.
  •       Cruise the shallow channels on board of your mokoro and look hippos in the eye, while giraffes peek from behind the treetops.
  •       Wake up and from your bed watch elephant herds take a morning bath and go to sleep lulled by the lions ́roar