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A Safari in the Arctic: Narwhals and Polar Bears

You only need an Adventurous Spirit

Next Summer don´t miss the opportunity to see the elusive narwhals and curious polar bears under the midnight sun when you join this exclusive safari at the heart of the Canadian Arctic!

At your camp, the Premium Arctic Safari, set up on a land beach and surrounded by impressive mountains and shiny glaciers, and from which you will have stunning views of Bylot Island, you will feel at home away from home.  This will be the perfect refuge to rest after exiting days full with activities amongst the icebergs.


We will move around riding snowmobiles and qamutik (traditional Inuit sleds pulled by snowmobiles) all the way to the edges of the ice to spend full days exploring and discovering the magic of this place.  Armed with our cameras and accompanied by our guides we will head towards Inuit hunting lands, where we will learn about the history and rich culture of the people who have inhabited this remote, and yet stunning territory.


Snorkel and paddle your kayak inches away massive icebergs…enjoy hiking on flat and endless beaches, climb shiny pieces of ice, bask on the moment when thousands of different sea birds fly over the nearby cliffs while you enjoy a hot tea made with glacier ́s ice water that just melted.


This safari in the Arctic is perfect for families, for travelers who visit these latitudes for the first time and for professional photographers! The vast extensions of land, sea and sky which appear never to end and the calm of the Arctic will allow each member of our small group to live an endearing and unforgettable experience in this wonderful corner of our planet.


Travel to the extreme north of Baffin Island, known as Lancaster Sound, just when the ice starts to melt and marine mammals and other animals gather by the ice edge to taste the nutritious food this rich ecosystem produces.  You will be able to see pods of narwhals, a great variety of seabirds, polar bears and probably bowhead whales and belugas.

What you should know

Navy Board Inlet, Nunavut
English and French
Canadian dollar
7 days / 6 nights
May - June For more adventures in the Arctic after summer please get in touch with us, we have amazing trips!
Price per person
Starting at $13,350 CAD (Canadian Dollars)- $10,248 USD (American Dollars) + taxes *based on double occupancy
Max Capacity
32 people

Unique Experiences

  • Experience being inches away massive icebergs just when they start to melt and witness the “line of life” phenomenon.
  • Fly on a small aircraft to our Premium Arctic Safari enjoying stunning views of this extreme and magical landscape.
  • Watch the pods of narwhals, better known as the sea unicorns with their long “horn” (which is rather a disproportionate tooth) while they rest and feed close to the ice edge.
  • Have the opportunity to see polar bears, kings of the Arctic, bearded seals, ringed seals, bowhead whales and belugas.
  • Visit the Migrating Birds Sanctuary at Bylot Island, summer residence for up to 200,000 birds that arrive every year.
  • Ride your snowmobile or seat and relax on a traditional Inuit sled, a qamutik, while cruising through Inuit hunting territory.
  • Taste delicious teas made with ice water that just melted off centenary glaciers.
  • Snorkel and paddle your kayak around massive icebergs.
  • Experience the unique sensation of having 24 hours of sunlight during the Arctic midnight sun.
  • Simply enjoy the moment and the place admiring the stunning views of glaciers and cliffs, main features of this dramatic landscape.
  • Taste gourmet dishes, hot and delicious at our Premium Arctic Safari.
  • Take pictures of once in a lifetime moments, of incredible landscapes and beautiful and unique creatures that make this place so special and worth preserving and protecting.